I’m Into My Self

Maybe it’s where I live (the USA’s South), but there is something of a shame game going on here toward being fond of what you got. Not what you own (this is a personality blog, after all), but the gifts /talents / benefits of your personality and its accompanying perspective.

So many people agree that it’s important to “be yourself”. However, some of these same people let themselves get involved in competitive behavior, such as who can get the most attention in a conversation. That kind of behavior is in direct conflict with the stated goal of being true to oneself.

When I dance from the soul, can I not love the way I dance? When I have original thoughts, can I not be a little smitten with myself because of my love of said thoughts? I pose these ideas as questions, but I don’t need answers to tell me it’s healthy. It is. And the fact that some people maintain that permission is necessary, some green light before they go, are only robbing themselves. Sad.

Moving on, you need to be your #1 fan. There is a surplus of people in this world who don’t understand you, wouldn’t recommend you, and generally dislike you. If the ship went down, and there was only one more spot on the raft, haters would grab the hand of a stranger and let you drown. So don’t waste any more time from your life on them, except to get them out of your life.

There may be psychological reasons for how you are, environmental reasons, astrological reasons, etc. Most important is that you think and feel freely.


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